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The Team

Who We Are

Joe Tobin

Founder & Musical Director

Joe is a conductor, composer, and teacher of a wide range of music. Hailing from Leicester, after which the Lerion Consort was named, he studied at the University of York and Royal Academy of Music. 

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Catriona Holsgrove

General Manager

As well as singing in the Lerion Consort, Catriona manages our concert bookings and recording sessions. As a talented Soprano, she can often be found  performing in many of the UK's finest vocal ensembles.

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    James Botcher

    Consort Leader

    James is a specialist consort singer, and works on developing and leading our projects with smaller numbers of singers. He regularly performs as a Tenor soloist, as well as a beatboxer.

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    Lydia Ward

    Social Media &

    Marketing Manager

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